Steunpunt Nederlands als vreemde taal

Universiteit van Amsterdam
Spuistraat 210
1012 VT Amsterdam
tel. +31 20 525 3152
fax +31 20 525 3052

About the Steunpunt Nederlands als vreemde taal
The ‘Steunpunt NVT’, founded in 1998, is a scientific advisory and information centre for Dutch as a foreign language. It is part of the Faculty of Humanities (department of second language acquisition) of the University of Amsterdam.

Expertise has been gathered at institutions that offer Dutch language courses. The ‘Steunpunt NVT’ aims to bundle this expertise to initiate, amongst other things, the development of new products aiming to advance Dutch as a foreign language.

The 'Nederlandse Taalunie' has initiated the 'Steunpunt NVT'. The 'Nederlandse Taalunie' aims to stimulate the exchange of information between Dutch language specialists, teachers and other experts by creating collaborations. The 'Steunpunt NVT' occupies a central place in this network.

Due to its central location within Holland and Belgium at the University of Amsterdam connections to other universities are easily made by the 'Steunpunt NVT'. Knowledge gathered at these universities can thus be made available to the field of Dutch as a foreign language.


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